Science Fiction

In 2020, the world was looking a bit bleak between COVID-19 raging with no end in sight and battles for social justice taking center stage. I wanted to produce an escape for people that would give them hope and also provide an opportunity for them to take action. So I developed an interactive e-mail storyline called the Quantum Butterfly Project that put each user in contact with the future and placed them in the seat of the protagonist.


First Content: Into the Past

> b e g i n    t a c h y o n i c   t r a n s m i s s i o n <

March 7, 2095

Hello from the future, *|FNAME|*!

You are receiving this secure correspondence because you, or someone you know, registered your electronic mailing address with the Quantum Butterfly Project. Your information was then stored on a database for over 75 years before the technology was developed to successfully transmit this message, but to you, it likely appears that it has been triggered instantaneously.

What you originally registered for was an experiment. An unproven theory that we could one day develop a device known as a tachyonic antitelephone to send messages into the past. You agreed to help fund the research that would one day develop the technology to make this feat possible, and in effect be one of the first to receive a message. So congratulations! You are now a part of history.

My name is Agent Gray and I am your handler at GOCR, the Global Organization for Chaos Regulation. I am writing to you today for more than just a hello and to tell you that flying cars exist (they do) and you can buy a 3D-printed summer home on Mars (not yet, but soon). You have been identified as someone of unique historical significance. There is evidence to lead us to believe that you were (or rather will be) in a unique position to influence many events that will result in the success and necessary advancement of humankind. You, *|FNAME|*, have been identified with 99.999% certainty by our Temporal Quantum Array as a significant influencer on the course of history as we know it. Your actions, as small and insignificant as they may seem to you today, will greatly impact how events will play out far into the future.

GOCR’s role is to monitor past events, all influencing variables, and their most likely possible outcomes and assure that events play out as they should. I’ll try not to get too deep into the quantum physics, especially since so much is yet unknown in your time and we have rules about sharing too many details about future tech, but you’re likely familiar with the concept of the butterfly effect, correct? A butterfly flaps its wings and ends up causing a hurricane on the other side of the planet. Well, *|FNAME|*, you are the butterfly.

Now, there are rules and procedures we must follow. I, as a Temporal Agent, cannot give you any detailed information about the future. It is my job as your handler to study historical records around pivotal moments in history and give you assignments to perform as I become aware of them. The only way that you can communicate back with me is by leaving hidden messages in your social media accounts, which are now a matter of historic public record. I will be able to monitor your progress based on measuring the chaotic flux around certain targeted moments.

To answer your question, no, as of yet it is still not possible to send people back in time. Only small amounts of data in the form of text, thus why it is so important that you follow through with your assignments. The world is depending on you! And, full disclosure, you are my first “asset”, so let’s not mess this up or else I could get in big trouble.

Your first assignment:

To establish the confirmation of our connection and your agreement to participate, please compose a post on your social media platform(s) of choice. Mention something you are looking forward to about the future and use the hashtag #quantumbutterflyproject

Quantum salutations,

Agent V. Gray

> / e n d    t a c h y o n i c   t r a n s m i s s i o n <